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                    Best by far!!! 
 Barb was a wonderful breeder and person to deal with. She sent current pics all the        time and anytime that I asked her for them. We bought a female Red, and her name is    Duchess. She has a great temperament. She is marked beautifully! We live 5 hrs from       Barb, but it was worth the drive to get such a great dog! Please contact me via email if    you have questions about her service or would want to see pics of her "work"         

 Reviewer: Tina, November 18, 2007
Barb is so sweet, I am very pleased with my new healthy baby girl, I received PICS every week and also video's watch my pup grow from birth was just an awesome felling, Now I will send her pic's so she can see the pup grow up .I own two other Dobermans and the breader never did all this. Barb also gave me great advice on my other dobe's when it was needed, I highly recommend this seller. Thanks Barb:) 

Reviewer: Cheryl, August 29, 2007 
I will never use another breeder. I will only use Barnic Doberman breeder Barb. She is 100% tops. She keeps me informed about every aspect of the breeding though delivery continues.. with pictures and emails phone can be used but I never had to.. I will get ALL my Dobermans from her.. even though We will have to drive 5 or 6 hours to see her and the babies.. She has become a friend to us.. my husband and I love her.. 

Reviewer: Goldie, August 10, 2007
                   excellent doberman breeder 
Barb has been just wonderful from the first time that I have contacted her regaurding the puppies that she had on the way. She emailed me a receipt as soon as she received my deposit and she responds almost immediately to my emails. She is very accomodating when we request pictures and we are looking very forward to picking out puppy up from her. 

Reviewer: Linda, August 14, 2007
                   BEAUTIFUL DOBERMANS 
Im very happy about me experience with Barnic Dobermans. I recieve pix of my baby every week and Barb is very helpful. So Pleased 

Reviewer: Samantha, April 11, 2007
I would recommend buying all my dobermans from Barb. She communicates very well with the buyer. She also sends weekly pictures, so you can watch your new kid grow. I thank them over and over for the patiences and kindness they give during the buying process. The puppies look so health and happy. 

Reviewer: Cynthia, January 29, 2007 
                   Super Red 
I bought a beautiful red Doberman puppy, whose features are outstanding. The puppy's temperment is very good, which is key since I have two small girls. I highly recommend this breeder; they were responsive to questions and informative. Ed 

Reviewer: Edward, March 5, 2006
                   Best Service Ever 
Seller was extremely helpful. Pictures of my pup were taken and emailed to me weekly, so I could see the progress of the pup. Very knowledgeable about the breed and answered any questions I asked. I would recommend this seller to everyone. 

Reviewer: Thomas, February 21, 2007
                  Female fawn doberman 
I just purchased a female fawn doberman from Barb. It has been a great experience so far. She has been very helpful and speedy about answering my questions. Barb sent me a receipt as soon as she received the deposit. I also have been receiving weekly updated pictures of my puppy. I can not wait until I get to take her home. 

Reviewer: Erica, February 2, 2007
                   Fawn Female 
I would HIGHLY recommend this breeder, if you are looking for a beautifully marked, wonderful doberman. She is very nice and gives you all the information you could ask for about her dogs. She also sends you pictures and keeps you updated on how your puppy is doing. She has beautiful,healthy dogs. We bought a fawn and we are very excited to have this puppy join our family. Rebecca 

Reviewer: Desmond, January 29, 2007
she's a great doberman breeder i bought a dog from her and the dog's markings are perfect and the dog is just beautiful and she's a very nice person herself highly reccomend her to anyone looking for a great looking doberman 

Reviewer: luke, August 6, 2006
                  Could not be more pleased 
We could not be more pleased with Barnic Dobermans. We purchased a puppy in the spring and Barb has been great keeping us updated with pictures of and information about our new family member. Barb was extremely knowledgable and took the time to answer all of our questions and give advice regarding the breed. Her ethics matched with everything we had read about a good breeder on the AKC website as well as the American Doberman Club. We liked that we were able to meet the mom and dad as they are on site at Barnic which enabled us to see the temperment first hand. We would recommend purchasing from Barnic without hesitation. 

Reviewer: Cathleen, April 10, 2007
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