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Chopper  is now a Masters Agility Champion !! This is something i was really looking forward to getting with Chops.Me & Chops started agility together.We both learned it together and we made mistakes together .So this was very special moment to me ! This was 1st Mach i ever put on a dog.I will never forget how great it was getting there with Chops! Chops really loves agility & i love running her !! I am so blessed to have a dog like chops!
EVO  started receiving titles at a very young age 6mo.She is now working on her CDX and RAE.She has 2 leg towards her RAE.She loves agility the best!!! She has 1 leg towards her NA.Aims to please.Evo is now working in Agility & will be performing soon.It's her favorite she just loves it.Evo is a very sweet girl & friendly with people & other dogs.She enjoys playing ball or practicing agility in the yard.She has an excellent temperament .
Taboo has her RN Title. She  has a very high ball drive.She is a high energy dog.She is also a good protection dog.Aims to please. She loves to play with all the girls.She is a high energy dog!! Loves to work  at agility.Taboo's grandsire is Inter Ch.Eliser Dax Di Altobello,also included in her pedigree is  Ch.Kimbertals Red Cloak-n-Dagger CD,CGC,TDI.She has alot of Champions in her pedigree.Show & working lines.She is half American half Euro.This girl produces great puppies with Rigid for people that maybe do a lot of walking ,hiking ,running & Willing to spend a good amount of time with the puppy.
Chopper going to doggie costume party
Charnea,Cheyenne ,Chelsea .This picture was in magazine called "In the wind"
In memory of  the ones who were a big part of all of this , they are all missed very much & will not be forgotten !!
She's my sweet Chelsea girl CD,CGC,TT
Deke's a pretty blue boy
Cheyenne's Hint of Elegance CGC

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Evo's Grandpa is Inter CH.Dankan Dax"Altobello.
Her great grandpa is Inter CH.Aristo Leo Di"Motta Visconti"
Barnic Aristo"Evo"Altobello CD,RE,TT,CGC.DOB 9/10/06   Vwd~Clear
Evo doing the dog Walk
Evo doing the Teeter
Barnic Elisir Taboo Altobello RN.DOB 05~31~07  Vwd ~ Carrier
Mischief's Black Dawn
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Fun pictures

Taboo's Grandsire 
.Taboo's G-GrandSire INT CH.Icaro
Devalla Castelli CHI IDC SG DIV SG ALAD SG
Taboo's GrandDam INT YU CH.
Nadja-Nikita Altobello
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I will be putting all the videos on my website soon.
Cheyenne Cool
Hello , I would like to introduce you to Barnic Dobermans.My name is Barb & I have been breeding & showing Dobermans for 25+ years.They are the love of my life. Yes I breed my dogs but I also do alot with my dogs. Me & my dogs go to shows almost every weekend.And Training a few days a week.I do not work as this is enough for me to do.I perform with my dogs in Obedience,Rally, Agility . Agility is mine & my dogs favorite sport to perform.It's lots of fun for me & my dogs. Now let me tell you about the litters I have.All of my puppies are born & raised indoors with lots of love.For those of you that cant come to visit your puppy I e-mail weekly pictures of your new puppy so you can see him or her grow. All puppies have AKC papers that are giving to you when you take you new puppy home.  Your puppy will come pre spoiled for you!! If you are willing to welcome a Doberman into your life,you'll soon have the type of loving,Loyal,well-behaved dog that Doberman Pinscher admirers worldwide rave about.
Evo with her new Rally Title
Me & Evo with her 2008 Title Awards
Evo doing the weave poles
Evo's Dam
Taboo & I with her 2008 Award title
Pictures of other dogs in Taboo's pedigree
.Evo's Sire "Stoner's Von Chops"
MACH Barnic's Wicked Chopper Dreams.CD,MXB,MX,MXJ,MJB,MJS,NF,RAE,BN,CL-2 H,CL-2 F,GS-N,JS-N,RS-N,TT,CGC.  ,

Call Name "EVO"

Evo will be bred for 
the last time in 2014 to Kyron.If you want a great puppy get your deposit in soon.
Barb Valerio 128 
Hughes Road 
Hilliards PA 16040
Evo's Great Grandpa
Waiting for me at the "Rainbow Bridge"
Stoner Von Chops.
Chops ,Evo's & Roach's
Barnic's Bad to the Bone "Gemma" CD,MX,MXJ,RE,OF,BN,TT,CGC. Dob 10/14/09                         Vwd~ Carrier
Great Grandsire
Grandpa "Slash"
Dam "Taboo"
Sire "Rigid"
Barnic's in the eyes of an Angel  Vwd~ Clear
Gemma is due to whelp the end of Dec 2013.Bred to Kyron.Taking deposits.
Taboo March 2011
This is my Gemma girl.She is a Taboo/Rigid pup.I have been training her in Ob,Rally & agility.Her favorite thing to do is agility or play a game of ball in the yard.Gemma is now in Masters  Agility .She is moving right along ! She has alot of drive & is a great working Doberman.Gemma now working towards her CDX Title  & is going for her MACH in agility!She is a joy to work with & a great dog!Gemma has a very high drive!! She is only 4 years old and has come a long way already with getting all these titles in a very short time.She has a very high ball drive.Eager to please.She has excellent conforamation with a very nice topline.Very high on on her feet.I am very excited about this litter she is going to have in the December 2014.I will be keeping 1 of her puppies myself.She is a wonderful doberman & a joy to have.

** New coming in 2014
Vwd clear litter! Taking deposits now.
Reserve your puppy 
now. Will be bred to Kyron!!!!

New litter has arrived !~ Check puppy available page!!

Sire~Int.Ch.Imperstor Iran di Altobello
Grand-Parent~2006 Junior World Winner 
Pierce Patrick Od Telepa 
Grand-parent ,EL Diablo Dax "Altobello"
Int.Champion Yug CH,Junior Ch Yug.
G-Grandparent  Int Ch Baron Nike Renewel.Ch.YU.Ch.HCH.
Angel is Int.Champion sired .She is the sweetest girl .She has the nicest temperament.She is great with people ,kids & other animales.She just loves any attention .she will play in the yard for hours with the other girls just running around playing ball or while they are trying to out run each other.Her puppies are just the sweetest things! She has a great pedigree loaded with Champion show & working dogs.

Call name ~ Taboo
Call name ~ Gemma
Barnic's Sic Chic's "Twist" The Wick.CD, RE,OA,NAJ,NF,  Vwd ~ Carrier
​Meet Twista ,she is my blue / rust Doberman.Right now she is working in Obed she is going for her CDX she has 1 leg towards it.Agility is her favorite!She is in open in Agility.She has  her Rally Excellent title already.She will be showing in Ob & agility in the year 2014.She has a very sweet temperament.Loves everyone & other dogs.She is actually overly friendly.But everyone loves her!She will be bred in the year 2014 or 2015 to Kyron.

MACH Chops 
This is what AKC sent me for putting a Championship on Chops! 
​Last updated on Jan 02,2014

Twista will be bred in 2015 to Kyron .Excepting deposits now if you would like to get on the list early!

Call Name ~
Taboo will be bred 2014 to Kyron.This will be her last litter.Taking deposits.

Barnic's Thunder Struck "Karma"   04/22/13           VWD~ Carrier
Karma is my youngest Doberman.I am training her in Agility,Ob & in Bite work.
She has a very nice temperament.Gets along with other dogs and other pets.She loves people.And is very willing to work for me.She is out of my Evo and a Russian  Import ~Sant Kreal Umberto.Her Grandsire is CH.Nibbio Del Diamante Nero .He has numerous working titles and Championships.Her Grandam is CH.Sant Kreal Femida.She also has numerous working titles and Championships.She is also a Champion Racing sled dog in Russia!
Grandsire~ Champion 
Nibbio del Diamante Nero
Internation Ch.
Italian Ch.
AlAD Ch 2008,2009
Euro Dog show winner 2009
Cardio free,PHTVL/PHPV,Vwd -Clear
Grand dam~Ch.Sant Kreal Femida
Russian Ch.
Russian Jun.Ch
RKF Racing Ch.
Multi Winner Club Races
Twice winner of the cup of Russia "Strong Spirit"
Cardio Free,PHTVL/PHPV,Vwd~clear
Scoll down for Rainbow bridge .And fun pictures.
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More pictures to come!